With the popular use of social media and messaging applications, Emojis are an integral part of communications. People use Emojis as a quick and easy way to express their emotions. In this article, we will see multiple ways to add or insert emojis on a Mac as part of your text.

Mac Shortcut For Emojis

If you are using any text editor (Word, Notes, Atom etc) in Mac, there is a short cut to bring the Emoji list. User can select the Emoji they like from the list, which will be inserted to the text editor.

The key combination for inserting Emojis on Mac is

Control + Command + Space

This will display a panel like below from where one can choose the Emoji they like to add.


Emojis on Outlook or Mail

While the short cut works on emails clients, they also have another option to insert Emojis while writing emails on Mac.

  1. Open outlook or mail, click on compose
  2. Place cursor on any where in the body.
  3. Click on Edit Menu and select the last option Emoji & Symbols.
  4. This will display the Emoji panel

Display Emoji Viewer in Menu bar

If you always want to have access to Emoji Viewer, you may bring that to the menu bar as well. Follow the below steps to bring Emoji Viewer to menu bar in Mac.

  1. Navigate to System Preferences => Click On Keyboard image
  2. Click on checkbox Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar. This will add an icon to the menu bar like below.


Now you can select Show Emoji & Symbols which will display the below panel.


How To Insert Emojis On Mac?
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