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  • Python String Startswith

    In this Python string example, we will look into a string based function startswith(). This function takes a parameter and returns true if the given string starts with the supplied parameter. Syntax str.startswith(prefix_text,[start],[end]) Python String … Read More »
  • Express Post Example

    In this express POST example, we will see how to create a post service using express. The major difference of POST method compared to GET is that it will use the method post() in express … Read More »
  • Express Set Content Type

    In this tutorial we will see how to set content-type header to an express service. The type() method in response object is used to set the type of the response. Consider the below express GET … Read More »
  • Express Get Query String Parameters

    Query strings are the ones that we usually pass as a key value pair in the url after a “?” symbol. Services may expect the user to supply information in the form of multiple query … Read More »
  • Express Path Parameter

    Path parameters are part of the url itself that usually occurs after the name of the service. In this node js express tutorial, we will see how to define a path parameter and retrieve the … Read More »